Chilli threads

Capsicum frutescens

Taste and flavour

Chilli threads: these are very thin strips of one type of hot paprika with a predominantly sweet and fruity flavour. The scent of this pepper is reminiscent of something smoky. It has a mild spiciness, similar to the flavour of citrus and has a slightly sweet taste reminiscent of fresh red peppers. Like all other types of hot paprika, even the sweet ones contain capsaicin, which determines their spiciness. Depending on the amount of capsaicin and the pepper variety, it can burn “like fire” or be more moderate.

Spiciness rating: 2

Advice for use

– Chilli threads should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight, in a sealed container. In this way, they will retain all their aroma.
– They are ideal for hot and cold dishes, savoury and sweet.
– Chilli threads are not usually used during cooking. When you want to season a broth, sauce or thick soup with them, it is advisable to add them to the dish at the end of cooking, extinguish the fire, stir briefly and serve.
– Chilli threads are mostly used as a decoration. It is sufficient to add a few strings to the dish, as desired.
– They are particularly decorative on a tablespoon of cream, which will make an appetizer special, or with aromatic herbs.

Origin and history

There are hundreds of types of chilli around the world. Hot pepper plants originate from Central and South America. They were discovered by Christopher Columbus when he sailed to the New World.