Black caraway

Nigella sativa

Taste and flavour

Despite its name, black caraway or black cumin does not belong to the caraway or cumin family. Black cumin has a distinctive flavour: it is reminiscent of eucalyptus mixed with a note of thyme and savory. And in the end, it has a pleasantly bitter and astringent note.
Seeds used as a spice contain a very strong essential oil.

Advice for use

– Black cumin should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight, in a sealed container. In this way, it will retain its aroma for a long time.
– Black cumin is a very decorative spice. Ideal as a table spice, for example on fruit salads containing exotic fruit, fruit sauces or chocolate desserts.
– If we want to use black cumin as a table spice, we can boost its aroma by toasting the seeds in a pan immediately before use, without adding fat. When the seeds start to smell, black cumin will get a more pronounced flavour of nuts.
– Although black cumin tolerates high temperatures, it is not advisable to heat or cook it too much. It is recommended to add it to a hot dish immediately before serving.

Origin and history

Black cumin comes from an area that extends from the Mediterranean to western Asia. Black cumin is one of the most respected spices in the East. It is a must in Arabian cuisine as well, especially when it comes to typical Arabian pie bread.