Anise seed

Pimpinella anisum

Taste and flavour

Anise has a pleasant sweet and fresh flavour, reminiscent of menthol. The scent of anise is liquorice-like.
Its dried seeds are used as a spice. They contain an essential oil, which owes its main aroma to the active substance called anethole. Anise has a large content of essential oils. It is therefore advisable to use it moderately in the kitchen.

Advice for use

– We recommend buying whole anise seeds. It should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight, in a sealed container. In this way, it will retain its aroma for a long time.
– Anise has an intense scent and must be used sparingly. A pinch or the tip of a knife are ideal amounts.
– The scent of anise will be more intense if we toast it in a non-stick pan before use, without adding fat and over a moderate heat. As soon as it begins to release its scent, remove the pan from the heat and use it for seasoning the dishes.
– Anise goes well with fish soup, scallops or oriental dishes (e.g. Moroccan tajines).

Origin and history

Anise belongs to the same family as dill, fennel and caraway. These plants belong to Apiaceae family (Umbelliferae). Anise is a plant that originates from the eastern Mediterranean. It is one of the oldest and most traditional spices. Cultivated since the ancient East, in Egypt and in ancient Rome, it was used primarily for dishes based on meat or fish and for sauces.

Dobro je znati

Anise goes perfectly with fennel, cocoa, cardamom, orange peel, pepper and cinnamon.</p