Black pepper

Piper nigrum

Taste and flavour

For thousands of years, pepper has been one of the most respected and important spices in the world. Black pepper: dried fruits of a climbing plant. Since it is a fruit, pepper not only has a spicy flavour but also a pleasant fruity note. In order to preserve this aroma, it is recommended to keep ground pepper in a well-sealed jar. In addition to essential oils, its fruits also contain piperine, a substance that gives the pepper its characteristic spiciness. Piperine leaves a spicy but also a fresh taste in the mouth.

Advice for use

– Ground black pepper is ideal for seasoning dishes at the table. We recommend adding it to dishes immediately before serving.
– It is ideal for seasoning all kinds of spicy dishes, fillings, pastry, etc. (e.g. meatballs, poultry fillings, gnocchi and casseroles).
– Connoisseurs appreciate black pepper even in desserts.

Origin and history

For several thousand years, India was the only country where pepper throve. In ancient times, pepper was so valuable that it was compared to gold.
Unlike white pepper, black pepper comes from whole fruit, including the fruit pulp and outer husk. Green berries are carefully dried after harvesting and gradually take on a typical brown-black colour. The pulp of pepper berries contains a lot of aromatic ingredients that make pepper a spice that can be used in many ways, even for sweet dishes.

Good to know

It can be used with: ground black pepper goes well with coriander, enriched salt, ginger, cardamom, garlic, caraway, Mediterranean herbs, nutmeg, orange peel, parsley, green pepper, white pepper, chives, lemon zest, onion.