Bird’s Eye chilli

Capsicum frutescens

Taste and flavour

In our areas, bird’s eye chilli are one of the most common hot peppers and are highly appreciated for their extremely spicy and fruity aroma. Apart from spiciness, hot peppers stand out with their aroma, which is similar to the aroma of pepper and has a slightly sweet note. Like all kinds of hot peppers, bird’s eye chilli contain capsaicin, which determines its spiciness. This particular substance is only present in hot peppers and is responsible for their characteristic spiciness that produces the sensation of “fire” in the mouth.

Spiciness rating: 8

Advice for use

– Bird’s eye chilli should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight, in a sealed container. In this way, it will retain all its aroma.
– It is ideal for hot and cold dishes and can be used whole or crushed.
– It is advisable to add whole peppers to hot dishes 10 to 15 minutes before the end of cooking and remove them before serving.
– For cold dishes, such as creamy spreads and sauces or fillings and pastry, it is advisable to crush the hot peppers in a mortar before adding to the dish. In this way, we can get the desired level of spiciness.
– For all dried hot peppers: spiciness is mainly represented in seeds, while the outer husk has a sweet and fruity flavour. If you want to alleviate the spiciness, simply split the outer husk with your fingers and remove the seeds.

Origin and history

There are hundreds of types of hot peppers around the world. Hot pepper plants originate from Central and South America. They were discovered by Christopher Columbus when he came to the New World.