Aglio e Olio spice mix

Taste and flavour

Garlic, hot pepper, pasta and tomato: whose mouth is watering at the very thought of this? Why? Simple – Mediterranean aromas are particularly well-matched in this preparation: a pleasant sweetness, an exquisite fruity flavour and a warm sense of garlic and hot peppers. Spaghetti with garlic and oil are a classic of cooking in Italy, and now abroad as well.

Ingredients: Hot peppers added to garlic, tomatoes and parsley.

Advice for use

– Aglio e Olio is an ideal condiment for hot and cold dishes.
– It goes well with creamy or liquid ingredients: you can simply mix the desired quantity with a little liquid and add it to the dish – this is the easiest and most convenient way to use the product. For a better flavour, we suggest that you let the product sit for 5 minutes.
– Recipe for spaghetti Aglio e Olio: cook the spaghetti, warm the Aglio e Olio preparation in olive oil over a moderate heat. After cooking the spaghetti, add some of the water in which you cooked the spaghetti to a mixture of oil and Aglio e Olio preparation. Season the spaghetti – and it’s ready!
– Advice: aglio e olio preparation can also be tasted on a pizza or spicy crostini.
– Culinary trick: use the preparation to season ragù bolognese!

Origin and history

Hot peppers have a long tradition in the cuisine of southern Italy. From the 15th century onwards, Sicily and Naples were under Spanish domination for a long time. And it was the Spanish people, with Christopher Columbus, who were the first to bring hot peppers to Europe. Columbus discovered them in America and brought them as a gift to the Spanish queen.

Good to know

Aglio e Olio goes perfectly with fresh basil, spring onions, capers, olives, parmesan, raisins, chives, lemon zest.