Pepper mix

Piper nigrum

Taste and flavour

The corns of black, white and green pepper create a wide range of aromatic notes: from fresh citrus notes to a distinctive slightly spicy note. The exotic aroma of pink pepper berry gives the perfect closing note.
The essential oils from the fruits of the pepper plant contain very aromatic ingredients and piperine, a substance that gives the characteristic spiciness to all kinds of pepper. Pink pepper berries contain an essential oil with an impeccable flavour. They are reminiscent of exotic fruits, bitter oranges and flowers.

Advice for use

– Mix peppercorns are ideal for seasoning dishes at the table. Just put them in a transparent spice grinder. Or crush them in a mortar at the time of use
– It is recommended to grind it immediately before use in order to keeps their full aroma.
– Sprinkle a pinch of pepper over exotic fruit, exotic fruit sorbet or whipped cream on warm chocolate. What a pleasure!
– For seasoning of clear and thick soups and marinades (for example, for baking), we recommend putting a few grains in a filter bag. They can be easily removed at the end of cooking.

Origin and history

Green, white and black pepper are fruits of the same plant. It is a tropical bush originating from southern India. Green pepper berries are harvested before they are ripened and then they are dried. Their aroma has a note of aromatic herbs. To obtain black pepper, the berries are harvested when they are still green and then carefully dried with the whole pulp and outer husk. To obtain white pepper, the fruits are harvested when completely mature, soaked in water and then separated from the outer husk. Pink pepper berries are the fruits of the Brazilian pepper tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family, which is different from the real pepper family.

Good to know

It can be used with: coloured pepper grains go perfectly with the following spices: cloves, enriched salt, fleur de sel (e.g. for mixtures in spice grinder), ginger, garlic, Mediterranean herbs, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, lemon zest, onion.