Elettaria cardamomum

Taste and flavour

Cardamom has a balmy, warm and strong scent and a flavour of honey, lime, rose, sandalwood and eucalyptus. This irresistible mixture of aromatic notes makes it one of the most popular spices in the countries of North Africa and in Arab countries.
Cardamom is the dry oval pod of a tropical plant from the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). There are small dark seeds in the pod. They contain a complex essential oil.

Advice for use

– Cardamom should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight, in a sealed container. In this way, it will retain its aroma for a long time.
– To open the cardamom pods, crush them between the thumb and forefinger. The pods will open and you can extract the seeds.
– Crush the seeds in a mortar.
– If you want an even more intense aroma, you can lightly crush the pods and add them to a dish while cooking.

Origin and history

Cardamom originates from the forests of southern India. Cardamom is not only one of the most popular spices in eastern cuisine. In Sweden, too, it has a long tradition in the preparation of sweets and charcuterie (cured meat products).
Thanks to its diverse and refined aroma, cardamom is ideal for both savoury and sweet dishes.

Good to know

It can be used with: cardamom goes perfectly with fennel, caraway, long pepper, black pepper and vanilla.