Bruschetta spice mix

Taste and flavour

Everything is tastier in the south: vegetables and fruit ripen better due to the abundant sunshine! This warm, sunny aroma is also present in a delicious preparation for bruschetta, prepared from dried tomatoes and peppers. This Mediterranean mixture owes its full and fruity flavour to those two ingredients.
Strong aromatic ingredients like garlic, pepper and dried tomatoes go perfectly with a fragrant bunch of aromatic herbs such as basil and oregano.

Advice for use

– Preparation for bruschetta is ideal for both hot and cold dishes.
– The preparation for bruschetta already contains salt, so it is advisable to reduce the amount of salt when seasoning the dish.
– Advice for delicious bruschetta or spice: let the mixture of ingredients rest for a while. In this way, the dried tomato will release all its flavour.
– The preparation for bruschetta goes well with: basil, hot peppers, garlic, parsley, orange peel, lemon zest, onion.

Did you know

Bruschetta is a typical “poor kitchen” speciality – a simple Italian country kitchen. This kind of traditional, minimalist cuisine is experiencing a remarkable success outside Italy, too. With a good reason: Mediterranean cuisine uses simple and natural ingredients, the best fruits of the earth! With the utmost simplicity. And with minimal expense. And the result is spectacular! And it’s trendy!

In essence, bruschetta is nothing more than “fast food” – a dish that can be prepared quickly! A dish that relieves hunger and does not forget the flavour. It is sufficient to finely chop the tomatoes and, if desired, young onion as well, and season with olive oil and the preparation for bruschetta. Toast a few slices of bread, ciabatta or baguette in a toaster or pan, without adding fat. Sprinkle with a delicious mixture of tomato and preparation for bruschetta – and that’s all!